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Experimenting with the Flu

21 Jan 2020 13:26

Recent Flu Illness! Yes, Dr. Kathy even gets a flu like illness sometimes.  This weekend, was one of those rare occasions where energy came to a grinding halt.  Of course for

Advocating and Doctoring

10 Jan 2020 07:12

Finding a practitioner to help you with your child with disabilities is a challenging job.  It is important to do your do diligence and find one that is qualified and

Sleep and Cognitive Health!

9 Jan 2020 10:07

     Sleep-  The under rated lifestyle measure that we are finally waking up to discover is an important cornerstone to our health and wellbeing.       This article below

Happy New Year Planning!

3 Jan 2020 09:23

Happy New Year! Planning for this year and this new decade!      I love New Years, as it is a great time to assess one’s personal growth and development.  As we

Cold Showers and Ice Baths?

11 Dec 2019 09:08

Cold Showers and Ice Baths?      Cold water immersion is a simple practice that has made the headlines of many health and exercise enthusiasts.  Why is that?  Cold water therapy

Raising a child with special needs- Life Lessons!

4 Dec 2019 06:47

               I admit that I sometimes fall into a rut, especially when I am not making the progress that I would like with my

Top five things to do to keep the holiday weight gain down!

24 Nov 2019 14:18

The holiday season is a common time for us to put on a few extra pounds.  Over the years, this can add up.  Preventing this holiday weight gain can decrease

Book review: The Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

21 Nov 2019 08:53

Book: The Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms Book Author: Mark Stengler      This book is a very quick and valuable read.  The book details where medicinal mushrooms originate, specific conditions that

Ultrafine particulate air pollution may be worse than PM 2.5

13 Nov 2019 11:40

If you follow my posts regarding air pollution,  I often refer to PM 2.5 as the bad guy when it comes to air pollution.  PM 2.5 is an air pollution


13 Sep 2019 11:25

 I walk an interesting medical line....One foot in traditional medicine( Acute care) and one if Functional medicine(Chronic and preventive care). I have been asked by patients to try metformin for

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