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Raising a child with special needs- Life Lessons!

4 Dec 2019 06:47

               I admit that I sometimes fall into a rut, especially when I am not making the progress that I would like with my

Top five things to do to keep the holiday weight gain down!

24 Nov 2019 14:18

The holiday season is a common time for us to put on a few extra pounds.  Over the years, this can add up.  Preventing this holiday weight gain can decrease

Book review: The Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

21 Nov 2019 08:53

Book: The Health Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms Book Author: Mark Stengler      This book is a very quick and valuable read.  The book details where medicinal mushrooms originate, specific conditions that

Ultrafine particulate air pollution may be worse than PM 2.5

13 Nov 2019 11:40

If you follow my posts regarding air pollution,  I often refer to PM 2.5 as the bad guy when it comes to air pollution.  PM 2.5 is an air pollution


13 Sep 2019 11:25

 I walk an interesting medical line....One foot in traditional medicine( Acute care) and one if Functional medicine(Chronic and preventive care). I have been asked by patients to try metformin for

Interpreting the Air Quality Index!

6 Sep 2019 05:02

Interpreting the Air quality Index. If you have young children, are a senior citizen, have asthma or heart disease, you need to know this information. I attended the Central, PA Clean Air

Menopausal Hormone therapy and Breast cancer risk study!

30 Aug 2019 06:14

This is hot off the press!      For those who like to know the latest and greatest on hormone analysis, this is my interpretation of the Lancet study which was

Ankle sprain? Microcurrent….No problem

13 Aug 2019 13:46

     I admit, as a practitioner, I do have the good fortune of being able to use my own treatment modalities.  One of the tools that I personally find helpful in

Book Review: TOXIC By Neal Nathan, MD

13 Aug 2019 13:46

The book, "TOXIC"  is an excellent read for patient's who are struggling with Mold illness, Lyme disease, Multiple chemical sensitivities and Chronic environmental illness.  For those just entering into this realm,

What is the Quality of Your Air?

24 Jul 2019 06:35

What is the true quality of  the air you breathe? Katarzyna Ferraro MD ABoIHM FACEP       As the climate changes, we are seeing an increase in air pollution.  Just look

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